Review of Sweat with Kayla bikini body guide

Sweat with Kayla BBG is available in two formats, one is the e-book and the other is the mobile app. The earlier one features BBG2.0 version while the latter one boasts of the version 3.0 of the amazing bikini body guide. You can read the full and unbiased Sweat with Kayla review by Barbara on her blog

BBG program e-book

According to her the Kayla Itsines and the the BBG program e-book is an amazing guide for those looking for getting back in shape and reducing few ounces of weight. If you want to benefit yourself from her years of experience then surely you must get an original copy of these e-books for sure that contains diet guides and carefully designed workout plan. I have personally got benefit out of this app by reducing almost 40 pounds of weight in less than six months and also getting perfectly in bikini shape. Getting this guide in the form of e-book is a lot simpler and effective as compared to the mobile app. Also there is no compulsion or need for subscription in this case.

The BBG program mentioned in the e-book and the app is basically a 30-minute daily workout session that has helped me and other thousands of ladies to get and remain fit, lose and maintain their weight and the most important of all get a bikini ready body shape too. With months of fitness regime that is easy to follow the BBG 2.0 has also proved effective in changing the diet pattern and health of several girls globally. The cost of getting this e-book is quite less as compared to the numerous benefits that one can get out of the guide.

But if you consider the mobile app of Sweat with Kayla then it is having the same price as the e-book and then it asks you for subscription for regular updates which you would never get. If you realise after a month or two that there is no use of the subscription and cancel it then all your workout history and details will be lost. Hence it is not recommended to take the mobile app version of the Sweat with Kayla. To read the full reviews follow the link