The History Of Portable Toilets

Even portable toilet has a history and you would be surprised that portable toilets existed way back in World War II. So now you know it’s not a recent invention only it has been more efficient and you will various types as per your needs. The toilets need not only be toilets or commodes even urinal bays, changing rooms with showers also fitted with them. You can also hire high end luxury portable bathroom and toilets which have world class facilities.

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When we look back portable toilets have come a long way from what they were made of initially and their size etc.

The main reason for making portable bathroom and toilets was to provide sanitation to places where a pre existing service is needed such as sewage disposal.

The features of portable toilet are

  • They are self contained and do not need to dispose off waste.
  • They are reusable just like fixed toilets.
  • They can be installed easily.
  • They can be moved anywhere you want to as per your convenience.
  • You can fix it in a permanent place if you like to and come on regular basis to collect the sewage disposal or fix it regular sewage pipes.

The new kinds of toilets available now

  • Chemical toilets
  • Urine diversion dehydration toilets
  • Composting toilets
  • Container based toilets
  • Bucket toilets
  • Freezing toilets
  • Incineration toilets

The chemical toilets are most used ones used in camps, trailers, events etc. Portable toilets were made use in when there was utmost practice of racism. The blacks were not allowed to use public toilets hence then it became a practice of carrying their own portable toilets in the trunk of their car. Hence the portable toilets came into being are the most popularly used in all parts of the world.