The Need of Verifying your Chinese Vendors

When you are into an import and export business dealing with the suppliers is a challenging job. This becomes all the more difficult if the supplier is located abroad as one cannot go and verify them in person every time. The difficulties increase if the supplier you are dealing is a Chinese company because majority of the suppliers claim to be factories with genuine export licence. But in reality these are just trading companies. Hence verifying the background of a supplier is very crucial to avoid hassles later. The best way to go about the job is to hire a third party service provider to do the Chinese Company Verification on the clients’ behalf.

Verifying your Chinese Vendors

Today there are many such companies available online who do the job for you. This way one is able to save time and money as scrutinizing each company separately is a tedious and time consuming job. These types of companies gather complete information on the companies registered in China and make the information available to the client in an easy to understand report. These companies generally carry out the Chinese Company Verification by gathering information from the government websites and data bases as their first step. Information like what products the company is licensed to manufacture and other such key information is provided in the report. Since the source is a government website there is no scope for a fraud. This generally comprises of the basic information about the company like when it was registered and what was the registration capital. Apart from this the other important information provided in the report includes information about the shareholding pattern in the company and also about their investments. All we have to do is give them the name of the Chinese company and any other information if available regarding the import.

There are many advantages of using a third party for the purpose of verifying your Chinese suppliers. The first and the foremost is that since they are based in the same country they could act as your local eyes and ears. They will have access to information you might not have as an individual. Also saves on time and money and one can be rest assured that the supplier is a genuine company. Before doing any sort of transactions with Chinese companies ensure that the verification is done to make an informed decision.