What is a Green Taxi? What are its Features?

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Transportation is a basic necessity in today’s world. It may be land, water or air transport, every mode of transport has its own priority and myriad advantages. However, they are becoming the major source of pollution like environmental degradation, global warming, and greenhouse gas emissions. Environmental pollution iscausing many healthproblems to us.Land transport that too cars and taxis have the lion share in polluting our mother earth!

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Cars and taxis run on fossil fuels like petrol, diesel, and coal and are emitting more and more of carbon into the environment.This trend seems to be increasing day by day maintaining air pollution at worrying levels.

What is a green taxi?

Our Transport should not cost our mother earth. So we must start choosing commute options in such a way that they should not harm our environment. To do so we have to use the fuel in such a way that won’t emit more carbon to the environment. Such fuel alternatives are to be found and use in vehicles. Bio-fuel vehicles, electric vehicles are few alternatives. They won’t or cause only less pollution to the environment.

Nowadays go green taxis are much required to save the environment from pollution. They are eco-friendly taxis which may run on electricity, battery or biofuel which can cause no harm to the environment. Using such taxis can reduce the carbon footprint and we can control global warming to some extent.

What are its expected features?

The target of go green taxis is to use efficiently the available resources for transportation purpose. The vehicles which run on solar, wind, biofuels or hydroelectricity would not cause any pollution. So such types of vehicles are to be developed and used in a wide range to reduce pollution.

The structure of the vehicle is designed in such a way that it can run on less energy. Planting more trees can minimise carbon in environment thus solving the problem to some extent.

Bottom line

The present-day vehicles require huge amounts of fossil fuels causing a lot of air pollution and many health issues. It is good to develop and encourage go green taxis in a wide range for healthier lives and pollution free environment.