Online School Examinations AnalysisSystem

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 Testing students on the basis of acquisition of knowledge and application of the acquired knowledge and skills, is an age old practice. It enables the teachers as well the students to analyze their performance and the level of learning. This analysis part is as important, if not more, as the teaching and learning part, since it enables both the parties (teacher and the student) to check what were the shortcomings of the methods employed by them (teaching methods in the case of teachers and learning methods in the case of the students) and contemplate what changes or improvements might be made to overcome those shortcomings in future.

Since this analysis is very important, it is necessary that we use the correct analysis system.

Traditional pen and paper examination system is still the most prevalent analysis system, but it is being increasingly taken over by the online school examinations analysis system.

It is more convenient as it enables the students to take exams from the comfort of their homes without having to travel to the examination centers. It also saves paper, time and money.

Online examination systems :

There are many platforms which help the institutes in conducting online examinations. There are many things one should keep in mind while selecting one such platform for one’s institution, like :

  • Online management of the question banks
  • Option for different question types
  • Scheduling of exams
  • Exam results processing
  • Automatic grading
  • Feedback feature
  • Exam / registration fee payment management
  • Interactive services
  • Effective methods to prevent cheating and other unfair means
  • Authentication of the students before taking the exam
  • Cost

Online examination systems are especially successful in schools because of the larger number of students to be tested. It’s an easy hassle free way of analysing the performance of the students.