Movies123 – The TOP Horror Movies of 2018

Watching a movie is one of the most relaxing past time that you can do during a lazy Friday night. If you don’t feel like going out, pull up movies123 using your preferred browser, select a movie, and watch for free. They have many genres for you to choose from. Romance, Drama, Horror, Thriller, Sci-Fi, Comedy, Action, and so much more.

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The horror movies category is one of the most visited movie options on the website. So what’s the best horror movie to watch this 2018? Check out this short list of the most watched horror movies that you should not miss.

The Best Horror Movies to Watch

  • The Midnight Man. This is a 2017 movie that is recently featured at Movies123. This is a story about a couple who are hoping to fix their “on the rocks” marriage. They travel to an isolated mountain cabin to reflect and work out their problems. But one thing that they did not see coming to ruin their supposedly relaxing vacation is the appearance of a maniac who will try to kill them. This movie was directed by Aitor Uribarri and starred by Ken Foree, Wendie Weldon, and Tommy Day Carey.
  • The Open House. This movie was just released this 2018 which was directed by Matt Angel and Suzanne Coote. This is a movie about a tragedy where a mother and her teen son decided to move to a relative’s vacant home. Everything was in place until they find themselves besieged by a threatening force. You can stream this movie in High Definition at Movies123.
  • Mom and Dad. This is a comeback movie for Nicolas Cage this 2018. His co-stars in this horror/thriller movie are Selma Blair and Anne Winters. This movie will chill you to the bones with the story of a teenage girl with her little brother who must survive a 24-hours mass hysteria of unknown creatures which caused their parents to be violent to their own kids. This movie is in high definition, making it more exciting.

Movies123 offers the best quality when it comes to horror movies. Grab your bowl of popcorn and glue your eyes on the screen. Turn the volume up, prepare your top of the line surround sound system for the best horror movie experience this 2018. It’s time to take it to the next level with the best horror movies that are in store for you.