GTA 5 Criminal Damage Mode Tips and Tricks

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Grand Theft Auto Online is rife with things to do and stuff to blow up. In the game’s Criminal Damage mode, players will need to destroy parts of Los Santos, and what could be more fun than that? The main objective of the game is to cause as much havoc as they can in a limited amount of time.

The beauty of this mode is that there are no police to hunt you down to the ends of the Earth. However, it’s very easy for players to take the lead or be left behind the pack depending on which weapon they pick up. While weapons that make things explode is a clear choice for many, it might not be the most effective in certain situations. To make sure that you win at Criminal Damage mode, here are some quick tips and tricks.

For Beginners, Use Grenades and Sticky Bombs

If you want to cause as much destruction as you can when you’re still new to this GTA 5 game mode, then pick up grenades and sticky bombs. These pieces of explosive goodness can cause massive pile ups, especially when thrown in an area with lots of cars. The automobiles can then explode, which can then increase your chances even further to win the game.

For Advanced Players, Use the Savage, Hydra, or Rhino

Perhaps the most common vehicles to choose in GTA 5’s Criminal Damage Mode is an armed automobile. The Savage, Hydra, or Rhino are equipped with explosive rounds that are shot out of their turrets. Note that these vehicles are generally large so you’ll have a bit of difficulty maneuvering them in tight areas. Also, when you spot a Rhino, run towards it as fast as you can before anyone else does. This “beast” has infinite ammo and quick reload times. When you’re on it, don’t let go of your shooting button to deliver massive damage to buildings, houses, and anything else you can shoot.

Focus on the Highway

Many players think that the best way to cause destruction in Criminal Damage Mode is to search for tall buildings. Don’t disregard highways as it’s the best possible way to gain massive points in this mode. Head outside the Chicken Factory in Paleto Bay; throw grenades or sticky bombs on the road, and watch the explosions pile up one after another. Fire trucks may even respond to the scene, which can cause even more explosions in the process.

When playing Criminal Damage Mode in GTA 5 Online, it might be wise for you to think outside the box. Not every weapon or vehicle you pick up on the game can help you rack points.