How to Tell If Someone is Lying by Using Lie Detection Techniques

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Lying is easy but to tell who is lying is difficult. Many people get fooled, cheated and loss because of one’s lie. It is important for people to understand about the people when they are lying or not in order to protect you from these type of people. Detection of lies is essential for everyone mostly managers, interviewers, police and all in any situation for knowing the truth or detecting lie from deceptions. Here are some lie detection techniques helpful in learning about the false people around you.

Personality of lying

When the person is lying they avoid eye contact to maximum extent. They behave strangely with fewer expressions, hand movements. People lying will show fewer emotions and behave normally. They occupy low space by freezing their body like arm and legs crossing, scratching nose, touching face, neck while communicating. Personality flaws come with the gestures of body or body language is different from the person’s body language while telling truth. Human lie detectors will recognize the liars more accurately with their experience, observing and analyzing them thoroughly.


Verbal content

When talking with the person you may get doubt on them or feel that they are telling lie. The person will tell the same point repeatedly when don’t know what to say. They also give more pauses. Communicating with the person is highly useful detecting the person’s lie. By asking the person to tell the story again and ask more questions on the same topic. If the person gives different answers or stops and can’t tell then they are lying. It is important to know that the person who lies will always be nervous, don’t have eye contact, shiver and be uncomfortable. There are people who can lie easily convincing you it as a truth. Then people.should ask them more questions related to it or other in judging the person.

Lie detector test

Lie detector test is useful in detecting the liars from lying. This test involves the testing of the person’s level of voice, pitch, its intense in speaking and nervousness in telling the responses. Lie detector tests help people in knowing the truth of their loved ones. It gives its services for the people like employers, in cases for inspecting, crime scene investigating, for normal people and more in detecting the lie with its various tests. This lie detector test is also called as polygraph test which is mainly helpful for knowing the criminal in the crimes or deceptions. It is also fact that these detectors may not give accurate results of liars as it is based on the people’s body language and voice. There are normal people who are telling truth also shiver in these conditions which mislead the results in examination of detection.