The Pros and Cons of Hair Transplant Surgery

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Losing your hair untimely due to factors like pollution or heavy medications or you wish to alter your hairline to enhance appearance? A hair transplant process could be the answer to your worries.  This is a surgical process by which hair follicles from other parts of the body like hands and legs are removed and planted on the hairless portion. There are basically two types of hair transplant procedures namely strip harvesting and follicular unit extraction. The former involves planting skin strips with good hair growth on the balding areas. While the later involves extracting hair clusters with their roots manually and planting them at the balding areas. Strip harvesting has been the preferred choice for doctors and patients as in comparison it is cost effective and less time consuming. Also the recovery time is shorter as compared to the other.

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The process generally does not have any life threatening risk factors but it is always advisable to understand the pros and cons beforehand. The process has its own set of advantages for example you need not use another product or treatment for hair growth. Once the implantation is done the hair continues to grow naturally. Also this can be a permanent solution for your hair fall problems as the results are known to last long enough. When we adopt short term remedies like oils, shampoos or any other medication for hair growth or prevent their loss the process can become expensive over a course of time. But with hair transplant the costs involved are one time therefore will help you save in future. Another very important advantage is that since the process involves growing real hair it will give you a completely natural appearance. More over with the increase in technology the precisions in the process have grown by leaps and bounds.

The process has certain disadvantages to it as well like in cases where dense hair packing is required a sizeable amount of follicles have to be removed. This makes the process time consuming and costly as the number of sittings increases proportionally. The risk of scaring and injuries also increases in such scenarios. Sometimes if hair fall is a genetic problem with the patient then the surgery might not be of much use as the hair might continue to fall. But on the brighter side we can say that since the process helps you cover bald patches with your own hair hence is worth considering.