Cheat for passing the Hair follicle test

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There are some of the top companies around which test the urine and blood samples nowadays for checking out the recent usage of drugs. Similarly, there is one test termed as the test of hair follicle which is able in detecting the long term usage of drug even. The human hair is able to store well the long history as compared to blood and urine, where drug gets flushed from system in matter of few weeks. Through this type of test, the THC metabolites get detected of long ninety days even. This means that Hair follicle test is difficult to pass than others.

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No matter, there is still some ways for passing the hair drug test,.How does it work? The clinical cuts small sample of hair, around three clumps with around 50 strands, hair grows around 0.5 inches every month so around 1.5 inches of hair gets taken as the sample. This is taken usually from back of head for protecting well the hair style. In this hair follicle test, if a person is bald then samples are taken from other parts of body. Now as you are well familiar with the method as how the marijuana gets detected in system and how it is detected through this test, one can be bit worried about passing this test.

Steps for passing the hair drug test

Cleanse blood as well as hair naturally: as marijuana gets carried to hair follicle through blood stream, it is very important for all to cleanse the blood of toxins. It takes around 30 days for toxins to leave blood stream. Once the blood gets cleaned, the hair shaft will be too. soon after three months, the hair grows around 1.5 inches longer and one will have the clean and collectible samples.