The Properties of Xanax and Alcohol – How It Could Kill A Person

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You always feel like something is amiss, when in fact, everything is fine. What you see around you is not of beautiful hues but of unsightly gray. You even feel that piercing sadness which makes you think of jumping out from your 4th-floor apartment window. This is a huge trouble. And not only that as depression is a serious problem which needs immediate treatment.

piercing sadness

For people who are suffering from anxiety, depression, and panic disorders, treatment is required. This is where medical professionals act rightly to provide help to patients. They offer them medication to heal their troubling hearts and mind. An example of this medication is Xanax.

Knowing Xanax

Xanax – a brand name of alprazolam — is a known benzodiazepine which affects the brain’s chemicals that are imbalanced. This is often used to treat anxiety, depression, and panic disorders. Many psychiatrists are medicating the drug to depressed patients to help them with the treatment. As for users of the drug, it is essential for them to acquire exact knowledge of the medication. It is true that the dangers of mixing xanax and alcohol are enormous as there are already individuals who died because of it. This is why people should understand the dos and don’ts of using Xanax drug.

Mixing Xanax and Alcohol Is Deadly

Although Xanax works great in the treatment of anxiety and depression, overdosing makes it dangerous. What’s more, when you mix Xanax with alcohol and other drugs, things could go wrong here. Xanax facilitates the release of GABA or Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid. Aside from that, it boosts dopamine which is located in the central nervous system. This often results in Xanax’s mild euphoria and tranquilizing effects.

As for alcohol, this is a substance which produces different effects. Whenever alcohol is contained in low doses, individuals feel invigorated and more stimulated. But when it comes to higher doses, drinkers feel like they are being sedated. Alcohol affects the Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid’s concentration which then increases glycine – a building block for protein which is located in the brain stem and spinal cord. It also affects the levels of dopamine which influences the serotonin receptor. Whenever alcohol and Xanax are combined together, numerous dangerous effects will then be experienced by the user.


Mixing Xanax and alcohol is increasingly hazardous as both of them obtain similar liver enzymes. Because they are both broken down into similar compounds, that is when the body takes so much time to detoxify. With these substances, they remain in your body longer, which is greatly risky for your health. It is vital to talk to your doctor first and follow his orders to be on the safe side.