Treat the warts naturally

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Warts are more likely to happen to people with weak or suppressed immune system; one can get them through skin to skin contact or even by a simple handshake. They are harmless and usually resolve within a year or two but if you want them to go soon as they are painful then you can do so naturally.  There are a number of home remedies for treating the warts; so if you want to some natural wart removal you can do the following things:

best wart removal

  • Tea tree oil is an excellent natural ingredient to get rid of these warts; it has antiseptic properties that help to fight against the virus. Applying the oil helps in stopping the infection and it also reduces redness, inflammation and irritation. One has to apply a drop of tea tree oil on every wart and then bandage it. It is required to repeat the process again and again till the warts are healed completely.
  • Warts respond well to vitamin c treatments, all one has to do is to crush a vitamin c tablet and make a paste of it with water. The paste works as a natural healer as the as the high acidity of the vitamin c is good for the warts.
  • Apple cider vinegar is a natural remedy for a lot of things one of them is wart. It has high acidity level so it helps in killing the virus in a way that it would naturally peel off.
  • Banana peels if used twice a day and applied on the wart can make the warts disappear from the hands and stop them from spreading.

It is any day better to use natural ingredients to heal of the wounds rather than taking medicines or ointments for them. Wounds if naturally heeled are any time better.