Ways to overcome stress through Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

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Stress today is a universal problem. It can be physical, behavioural or psychological. Today, there is more awareness about stress-related problems because it has been proved that too much stress can lead to many diseases as well. Stress is also the reasons for emotional eating, addiction, depression and so on. Though there are many forms of treatment to reduce stress related ailments, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is becoming an effective and reliable treatment option. It is also used to treat depression and anxiety disorder, both related to stress. At Elevation Behavioral Health​, CBT is used to treat many issues related to stress.

Stress combat through CBT

CBT works by acting on people’s thoughts and studies them to understand how these thoughts affect them physically, mentally and psychologically. On the basis of this, the patients are given skills and training to allay negative thinking and thereby, reduce stress.

Elevation Behavioral Health

CBT for stress works in three simple steps. First is identifying the negative thoughts that cause stress. Different therapists may have different methods of working with the patient. A method is to ask the patient to jot down his feelings at different times of the day. This method helps the patient in understanding his thoughts and also to realize what thoughts are causing him stress.

The second step is to convert these negative thoughts into positive thinking. That means, there is a solution to every problem and there can be a way out of any stressful situation. Therapist works with the patient to help him convert his negative thinking to positive. It doesn’t happen overnight but gradually. The patient is taught how to change negativity into hope. If a patient says, ‘I can’t do it’, the therapist might say, ‘This is your chance to make it happen.’ If a person constantly compares himself with a smarter colleague or another person and puts self down saying, ‘I am a failure compared to him’ or ‘I am not as good as he’, the therapist will sit with the patient and exhort him to look at the positive characteristics of the person and make him realize that he is also special in many other ways.

The third step is training the patient in problem solving. By actions and examples, inculcate skills to look at a problem and find solutions.

Cognitive Elevation Behavioral Health Therapy promotes looking face to face with stress and not ignoring or forgetting it. The therapy is more about coping with the circumstance and using positive thinking as a key.

The therapist helps the patient create a powerful strategy for better stress management. With CBT, the therapist devises methods as per the patient’s needs and that is one of the reason it works better than any other stress therapies.