Know The Obligations Of Fiduciary Duty California

When a company enters into a contract with another company in California, both of them are tied with fiduciary duty california. It states the legal obligation of one party to act according to the best interest of the firm they’ve entered into a contract with. This is usually applied to both the parties. In some cases, it might even be called the fiduciary obligation. It creates a legal relationship of trust, estate, and conservatorship litigation. The California Probate Code S39 says, “A personal representative, trustee, guardian, conservator, an attorney-in-fact under a power of attorney, custodian under the California Uniform Transfer to Minors Act…or another legal representative subject to this code”.

legal relationship


A person or company entered into a contract automatically enrolls for the fiduciary duty or fiduciary obligation, and he or it must fulfill duty towards the other person or company who’s in the deal with him. The law has condemned any act which increases the risk of a partner in losing money or market share or a chunk of profit. He/she/it must act which maximizes the profit, market share, or accrual benefits of their partner company in the contract. It is the highest duty employed by the law according to the Companies Act.

If not complied

In extreme cases, or if otherwise mentioned in the contract, it is possible that only a single party is the fiduciary. The compensation for not wishing well at the other party is usually paid in monetary terms, but this might be the exception in the case of intangible assets (goodwill, dishonor, etc.). If accused of this, the instinct of the fiduciary will be to protect himself as damage can be done commercially to his firm and partners. Furthermore, the company’s goodwill takes a significant hit in the market just because of an accusation. Although the fiduciary has the right to fight for himself and his company if accused, he should try and subordinate his interests with the interests of the other firm to bring out points where it proves he didn’t do any such act. Apart from all the accusations, the fiduciary should always stay in control of whatever is happening and what all activities govern his actions.