What’s the Difference Between a Condo and an Apartment?

Whenever you think about renting a place to live, the first thing that comes to your mind is an apartment, right? However, there’s a lesser-known option too which is a condo. The condo is short for condominium and is very similar to what an apartment looks like. There are many beautiful condos that you can rent just like the way you rent an apartment. For example, Twin Vew condos are among the best condos that are going to come up in West Coast Vale, Singapore. Even though a condo and an apartment may look alike, there are some differences between them. You should compare these differences so that you can decide which one is a better option for you.



Even though the rent for both an apartment and a condo is mostly similar, overall costs differ when you see it from a renter’s perspective. You may have to pay some money in the beginning as you move into a condo for maintenance and other administrative expenses. This doesn’t happen in the case of an apartment. Apart from this, your monthly expense will be just your rent if you’re living in a condo since most of the utilities are covered in the rent. If you’re renting an apartment, you may have to pay when there is a necessity to repair things in the building on a yearly basis. In the end, condos have better furnished living spaces and better appliances.


While an apartment is usually managed by a professional company, condos are managed by the owner’s associations. Condos and apartments can also be owned by single individuals. In such cases, it becomes difficult to reach them if they live outside the city or in a totally different country. You may want to connect with them from time to time to discuss the services and the amenities in the building. However, there are chances that a condo is also managed by a professional company like Twin Vew and you must always go for such a condo so that you can contact the management at any time.

Other benefits

Apartments usually give every renter a certain number of benefits which are fixed. For example, one spot in the parking area, gym, pool, and laundry service can be a few such amenities. On the other hand, the benefits you get in a condo will depend on the condo owner and it will be discussed when you sign up for renting the condo.