Benefits of Carrying a Pepper Spray

Let’s face it; we don’t live in an ideal world where everyone loves everyone. A lot of heart-breaking crimes happen every day around the world and the one thing that we can do to avoid them as well-informed citizen is that we are prepared. Nobody can take a long a bodyguard wherever they god and nobody is completely safe at point of time. So what do we do? Taking care of your personal safety and having presence of mind during situations of crisis can help you deal with any unseen attacks. One of the best things you can carry around is a keychain pepper spray. Pepper sprays are one of the most effective tools that you can have to defend yourself.

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Pepper sprays are effective, they are compact, they are affordable, and they come in various shapes and styles. If you don’t want a possible attacker to know that you’re carrying a pepper spray, you can buy a keychain pepper spray or a lipstick pepper spray. These are nothing but regular pepper sprays disguised as keychains, lipsticks, or other products that will not give an attacker any clue about your secret weapon. If you carry other secret weapons like a pocket knife, you need to be physically close to the attacker in order to use it and there are chances that the attacker may snatch it away from your hands before you could use it. However, this doesn’t happen in the case of pepper sprays because you can spray it right into the attacker’s eyes even while standing a few steps away from him. If you spray it in between you and the attacker, the attacker will try to walk away rather than pass through the spray to catch you.

Pepper sprays can be used by anyone who lives alone, goes on evening walks alone, and lives or works in an unsafe neighborhood. Women keep away from sexual predators using these sprays and you can even give your kids these sprays so that they can use it if someone attacks them. Make sure you teach your kids the consequences of using a pepper spray and that they must use it only in case of emergencies. You can also use them to keep away street dogs just like the mailmen used to do decades ago in America. Pepper sprays contain a compound called capsicum which will instantly force the attacker to shut his eyes down. Their eyes will start to water and burn intensely along with redness and inflammation of the skin. You can run away and seek a safe shelter during this period of time.