Use of blenders and their different types

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 No one can imagine a kitchen without a blender these days. Even a simple recipe demand the use of blender to a very large extent. Basically when selecting a blender for your kitchen the most important thing that you need to keep in mind is nothing but your exact requirement or what your daily priority would be, as such blending, chopping, grinding, whipping etc. There are wide range of varieties that are available and making a choice out of it is not an easy task. Even though you have to select from an extensive variety there are only two to three basic category of blenders through which you need to select the one for you. But before starting, take a look at the basic amenity or the functionally of the different blenders. Always decide if you need top jar made of glass or plastic. If you are bit skeptical regarding glass jars you can opt for the plastic as these days, the quality of plastic jars are much better and reliable. Always go for a good brand because if the brand is good so will be the accessories or body part of the blender, like a good stainless steel blades will make your task more smooth.

Types of blenders

Blenders comes in three common categories like first, the immersion blender, the second one and the most commonly used a counter top blender and the third comes the professional blenders.

  • Immersion blenders are the simple handy blenders that came and marked its place in the kitchen because of its looks that are perfect for kitchen styling. Mainly used for whipping, whisking, chopping and are perfect when it comes to making smoothies in a minute. These blenders are available in relatively low cost and even if you purchase a high quality with high price, these little handy blenders are worth every penny.
  • A counter top blender are nothing but the most commonly used household blender also called as jug or a jar blender. They are less costly and are easy to store. Thelatest model jar blenders comes with fancy jug type look and you can directly store the juice or smoothie in the fridge and also can drink directly from the jar.
  • Professional blenders are the one used for heavy duty commercial purposes and are made of high quality materials. They are used for multi-purpose task like, grinding, chopping, making puree, froze, crushing and many more. They are more on the costlier side but are the best if you are planning to set up a small restaurant or any commercial setup.

These days purchasing a blender is also a part of styling your kitchen so go for the fancy models for more fun and choose any color that will compliment your kitchen. Check the user reviews and buyer suggestions for better selections.