Vocal amps and full bands

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Playing live in a full band setting is very much different from playing in the bedroom; there are a lot of factors to consider when playing live in a band. One must be able to complement every other musical instrument while not getting drowned out by the others. One way to go about it is by making sure the band uses quality amps. Amps are designed to well… amplify the sound of the instruments, for guitars and basses alone, there are a variety of amps to choose from, starting with tube amps, solid state amps and a variety of amp head and cabinet speaker combinations.

While people might be quite familiar with guitar amps and bass amps, vocal amps tend to be overlooked, unless you’re a vocalist looking for a specific quality of vocal tone. Vocal amps not only provide vocal amplification, it also serves as a monitor for the vocalist so he or she can hear him or herself sing. Vocal amps are quite important to live band scenarios for the vocals to cut through the mix clearly without drowning out every other instrument. If you want to learn more as well as learn to choose the best vocal amp for you and your band, you can click this link to find out.

Cut through the mix

Vocal quality is quite important in a live full band setting, unless of course the band plays only instrumentals. The vocals must be able to clearly cut through the mix yet still maintain balance with all the other instruments to create a well-rounded and even sound. Vocal amps achieve this purpose, finding a vocal amp that can complement both the guitar and bass amps are ideal.

Guitar amps usually give off high to mid-range frequencies so the vocal amp must be more in the mid-range as well instead of high, there’s also no need to find a vocal amp that has a lot of low end frequencies since the bass covers this aspect. Too much highs and lows might also create a lot of feedback when the volume is turned up a bit.

Mic it up

One of the most important parts about vocal quality aside from the amp/monitor is the microphone; a quality microphone can turn any low end vocal amp into a quality sounding one. A quality microphone may be able to enhance the audio quality of the vocal amp by a lot.

When looking for vocal amps, especially on a budget, most people prefer to opt for the popular PA speakers which are not only vocal amps but also doubles as monitors for other instruments. Vocal amps create a sense of balance in a full band setting making the sound quality go full circle, of course with the help of a great sound guy as well.