5 creative ways of promoting your app

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There are many app developers who have made it in the app world without spending a dime on promoting their app. I caught up with one who has made more than a million selling his app, and asked him what the secret to such success was. His answer was simple, marketing, “unless you market your app to the target audience it will get lost in the pool of other apps out there” he said. So what are some of the ways you can use to advertise your mobile app?

  1. Create a Website for your app.

One of the ways making your app to look genuine (i.e. if the app is legitimate) is by creating a website for the app, prospective users want to know whether you have really invested in the app. Additionally, make sure that on this site you give people a taste of what your app does with a few screen shots (if possible a demo) and have them subscribing to your mailing list. This of course allows you to know how many people are interested in your app, while also giving you the opportunity to directly market your app through emails. One more thing, make sure your website is SEO-friendly, it’s good to have search engines stop by.

  1. Social media.

You should learn to share content, that is, use your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter Whatsapp and Snap chat profiles to advertise you mobile app several times in a month. Make sure you reach out to friends on social media, to also help in promoting your app on their profiles.

Research has shown that mobile app ad click-through rates (CTRs) went up by 32 percent in 2016. Therefore using paid advertising on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram will not only make your app more discover-able but you will also have people thronging in your app.

3. Create product videos

Make sure you create videos that are interesting, funny or personal. Ensure you tell the story but make sure it resonates with people. After that, make sure you share it on all social media platforms, and consider creating a YouTube channel for your apps.

4. Search Ads

If your app is an Ios app, then this is for you. Apple has introduced paid advertising inside the app store .Whets happens is that, you bid for a related keyword, so that when an app store users is searching for apps with a particular word, your app will be the first to appear.

  1. Get android installs

Many app developers wonder if there are genuine sites where you can get such a service, although some are scammers, I must say there are genuine providers like get android installs are out there. These sites lead real users to download app s with direct links. What is more, they can lead users to search the targeted keyword, find the app, install and play it.

  1. Ask for app reviews

Aside from major tech blogs like Mash able, there are tons of app review sites that are eager to review your app. I can recommend a few such as, Appstorm, Feed My App, App Advise, AppFind, AppStoreReviewer, Cooloser Tech, The Wise Matthew, App Useful and many more