All about sp flash tool

Smartphone flash tool is a great tool for perform flash on Android devices which are MediaTek or MTK based. It can do many things like managing the firmware updates, it can unbrick the devices if they are in soft bricked condition, custom recovery, it helps flash recovery, manage stock flash, and manage custom ROM flash and much more. It is popularly known as SP Flash Tool.

One more good reason to use this Flash tool is that it is a cross platform service. That is why it works through Linux and Windows as well. Based on MediaTek devices, one also download binary data and pre built images on Android.

Why Smartphone Flash tool:

Flashing a device is not a small task for a Android user. It can be really helpful like it can result in favorable changes in the device’s functionality like advanced alterations related to system operations. So for MEdiaTek chip with Android, Smartphone Flash tool is a perfect application since it can result in suitable system optimization.

The flash tool may not be available directly on phone so, one must take the help of a desktop. Along with this Flash tool is freely available and all level users can take the advantage. User must keep one important thing in mind that when doing flash one must be extra cautious since Flash tool demands root access in the system. One must proceed at their own risk.

Smartphone Flash Tool Features:

  • Flash tool comes with features like testing and verifying RAM at advanced levels
  • The tool can support the system when it comes to advanced backups
  • If the Android device with MTK is in soft bricked condition, then Flash Tool will help to unbrick the device
  • It helps to reset and read the parameters
  • Flash tool is of great use when it comes to downgrading and upgrading of the firmware
  • For MTK based Android devices, Flash tool helps in managing hard reset
  • It helps in flash custom recovery as well
  • It can flash scatter based firmware files, custom firmware files and even Android stock files

Earlier Smartphone flash tool was released only for windows. But with Flash tool v5.1352.01 it is available for Linux as well with lot of improvements in it.

It is not that difficult to handle the flashing with the flash tool. But there are few things which user must keep in mind before they proceed. Some of them are

  • Proper ADB drivers must be present
  • Whether it is tablet or Android phone, enable USB debugging
  • One must be ready with either Linux or Window powered pc
  • Since there will be many system level changes while flashing one must make sure they back up all the data
  • Power scale is one thing that must be kept in mind because flashing may take several minutes