The electricity in Norway relies on hydroelectricity. Norway has a population of 4.9 million and it is still growing. The energy model of Norway is unique not only in Europe but all throughout the world. Hydropower resources is what Norway electricity relies on, in order to provide most of its electricity at a cheaper price.

On the 20th century, the discovery of major oil and gas reserves in the North Sea happened. This is the reason why Norway got its energy independence and also made it the world’s third largest energy exporter, that is after Russia and Saudi Arabia. Norway’s oil industry, which is largely managed by the State, reportedly accounts for 21% of its GDP. Norway has adopted new environmental standards. The reduction of fossil fuel usage is highly improbable.

Lower Electricity Prices: What To Do?

In order to ensure cheaper electricity in the future, be prepared to switch electricity supplier more often. The rise in market prices as a whole should be expected. All power suppliers will be more expensive, although there will still be cheaper and more expensive power providers. Be informed of developments. Take the time to compare electricity prices. This may seem dangerous but there are good tools to make it easy and convenient. Find out what the different power providers have to offer.

Power Prices Comparison.

●       Agva Spot Optional – kWh Price – 3.3 øre / Monthly Price – 0 kr

●       Norway Energy Spot – kWh Price – 3.6 øre / Monthly Price – 27 kr

●       Akraft Spot – kWh Price – 0.5 øre / Monthly Price – 0 kr

 Forbrukeretaten Power Calculator. provides a us with their power calculator that you can use to easily find the best suppliers for you. Here, you will be able to compare power prices from all the best and the cheapest power suppliers in Norway. Generally speaking, power-on-stream power suppliers will be those at the top of the list when the power calculator has done its job for you.

It is worth comparing power prices?

 It is worth comparing the power prices provided on the website, but they also take care of the company’s efforts to improve the agreement found with them. Those who regularly search for the lowest power company, you will find good spot rate deals at any time using the power calculator. It is easy to compare electricity prices nowadays.

 Energy Choices for Future Generations

The melting of ice in the Arctic found in the north of Russia, is the reason why Norway has explored oil and gas in Norway. The country is still standing its ground with their fight against global warming with its heavy carbon tax and advanced research into carbon capture and storage.