Tips to Choosing the Right Domain Name

With cut throat competition emerging in every sector having an online presence is a must for every business. A website will not only give credibility to your business but also open up a wider customer base. Hence the first step towards making your online presence should be a good domain name with a recall value. A domain name is nothing but the name by which your organisation is identified on the internet. Therefore the choice of domain name could greatly impact the image and brand value of your business. There is no thumb rule or a successful formula that you could imply to choose the prefect domain name, but below are certain tips that could definitely help.

Uniqueness and recall value are two important aspects in choosing domain name. It is always advisable to have a unique domain name that becomes a reflection of your brand. Avoid names which spell or sound similar to other established brands. A name which is easy to type and remember is always a plus. Ideally one can have upto 63 characters in the domain name but never use them all as shorter ones are easy to memorise. Also its beneficial to not add any numerics or hyphens to the domain name as it becomes confusing to recall later.

Another popular trick is to have a keyword rich name as it helps with search engine optimisation. It helps improve rankings thereby increasing traffic on to your website. Including the name of a city or a state also makes sense sometimes if you are targeting the local market. Once decided on the name check for availability to ensure that there isn’t a competing website with same or similar name. Using a trademarked or copyrighted domain could lead you into a legal. A good domain name can greatly impact the effectiveness of your business by increasing the number of potential customers.