Meeting Someone Online – Safety First

An SMS, a chat, or an email. These are some of the most common ways one can cultivate a relationship online. Today it is as commonplace as being introduced by a friend to another friend. In the digital world, one of the first things to adapt is the dating scene. With the advancements available in the internet and mobile communication and devices, dating apps become even more prevalent. Apps are the go-to platform for the singles of today as they have it anywhere they go. Gone are the days where you need to be in front of a desktop computer just to have an online conversation. Another thing that smartphones have over traditional PC’s is that they are cheaper. Mobile and smartphone technology have really brought the internet to everyone. Meeting someone online or any other platform for that matter has its share of dangers. Have a look at some of the things that you can do to make it a little bit safer.

Common Sense

Unfortunately, less and fewer people are using this and instead just goes in head first. The most classic cons only work if the victim’s guard is let down. Always assume the worst in people when online, and just be happy to prove it otherwise. Go right ahead and play detective, dig a bit deeper into the person you are talking to, look for his pictures on the web, look at his or her social media and browse through. If they are hiding something there are bound to be indications.

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Red Flags

Talking about indicators, look at their pictures if they are too good to be true (too good looking) they probably are, the average joe would not spend a fortune on a professional photographer. A hacker or a crook would as he would grab the nicest photos off the web to entice dates. When money is involved, lean back and delete your browser history and forget about that person. Add that to asking details about your life normally reserved for those who are close to you.

Let Friends Know

If somehow everything above checked out and it seems it is working along fine. You might decide to go to the next level and meet up with your virtual date. This is okay because true love found online does happen. However, make sure that you let friends know that you are going on a date with him. Let him know your friends know too and set up a safety call or net so friends could come and be present in case there is trouble. Again this is one of those common sense things that you should actually already know. Vigilance is the key to being safe.