A Cruiser To Carry Your Dreams And Hopes


Every one of us dream. Some of us dream big in the hopes that we can at the least achieve subpar results, rather than dreaming small and achieving nothing. There are various types of dreams. Dreams where we live each and every moment of it through hard work and effort, dreams where we work hard for it but cannot be realised immediately and there are some dreams where nothing is fulfilled but only the burning passion and desire of it. The latter type of dream is where external factors come into the picture and where your effort and hard work does not matter or in other words is tainted by the effects of the outside influence. Take for example a man who has a great family, successful business, and a peaceful life. He decides that he wants to take his entire family in a cruiser and travel the world willing to grow old in it with his wife and then pass it onto his children. For someone like him, this is his dream for an even more peaceful life and a happy ending to a well lived life. A small twist in this aspect is in order. He goes to a shipbuilding company san lorenzo boat to construct his dream cruiser that will carry his dreams across the oceans. His dreams turn into reality and face the harsh truth of it. There is nothing but disappointment and failure for him on his dream boat. Nothing is as it seems with the company and everything he ever dreamed of in his dream cruiser this one created by the company is an abomination.

Blind Trust Makes The Fool Oblivious

Was it the fault of the man to trust the well-known company on building his dreams? This is like saying that whatever you write on wordpress.com is the responsibility of the website and if you do not succeed in your content the company is to blame for it. But unfortunately in this case, the company is to blame. The promises of a great product that is the cruiser and the guarantee that they will carry out the man’s dreams as if it were their own and ripping them off just for mere monetary gains is pretty much the fault of the company.


If we were to blame the man for trusting this company, it would be to not do the same mistake again in this life in anything else he wishes to do so as to not repeat himself on a mistake.