Hello Blog for my first post I want to review a pretty cool site I found while searching google on where or how to buy or get so many instagram followers.  I saw a friend of mine had like 23,000 real, yes real, followers on instagram. I was amazed how in the world can someone get that many. Better yet why would 23,000 people follow my friend, who is not of any fame.


SEO-SEW-instagram followers

Apparently there is a thing called SEO which helps people on google get to the first page. Well there is also another side to that which helps people get likes and followers or even youtube subscribers on their accounts in hopes of becoming famous!

We now live in a time where the easiest way to get famous is either by accident or someone (somehow) gathers a mass following and piggy backs off of the public with advertisements though their social media platforms. It is really quit amazing how the 21st century has come to work. Want to be famous? just post a selfie. Want youtube views, just make a funny 25 second clip.

You can go after any platform. Youtube, Google plus, Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter, and even Vine! Thought this was pretty cool never new something like this existed. Check it out at also here is a wiki article for Instagram.